Loose Fit Parachute Cargo Pants


color: BLACK

Loose Fit Parachute Cargo Pants

Step into ultimate comfort and adventure with our Loose Fit Parachute Cargo Pants! These casual pants are designed for the daring souls who crave freedom and style. Embrace the loose fit that allows you to move like a ninja, while the elastic waist ensures a snug fit for all-day coziness. The elastic ankles not only add a trendy touch but also keep your pant legs from flapping in the wind during your wildest escapades. Conquer the urban jungle or hike the untamed wilderness – our Parachute Cargo Pants have got you covered in comfort and flair! Prepare for an epic journey as you explore the world in these versatile and fashionable pants.

-Adjustable elastic fastening at the waist and ankles

Fabric Contents: 100% NYLON

-Non-stretch fabric

-Non-sheer fabric